Still Pounding In - Tape Compilation



"Still Pounding In" Tape Compilation
Our 25th release is an homage to the glorious "It's Pounding In" live 7" compilation recorded at Isola Nel Kantiere back in the 1990 in Bologna, Italy

Still Pounding In features 8 new unreleased tracks (and exclusives for this compilation) by 8 current active Italian punk hardcore bands, plus a Crash Box cover performed by Cosa Nostra (keep an eye on this name, out soon their first LP record).

Each copy comes with :
1 tape + Jcard
1 20pages A4 sized booklet insert
8 stickers (1 of each band on this compilation)

Pressing Info:
100 tapes made in total,
50 red body
50 transparent body
randomly mixed with :
30 Light Blue paper 20pages A4 sized booklet insert
70 Orange paper 20pages A4 sized booklet insert

Listen all tracks here!
AR-025 : Still Pounding In by Assurd Records